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Monday, June 1, 2015

Why I'm single dick is too big might kill someone

I know you're tired I low you're physically and emotionally drained butyou have to keep going

Heartbreak after heartbreak is what made you stronger you learned tonot put up with nonsense and leave when certain situations made yousecond guess yourself

I work hard I pay my bills I maintain myself I'm independent when yousee me

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocreminds

The less you worry about what people think the less complicated lifebecomes

A bad manager can take a good staff and destroy it causing the bestemployees to flee and the remainder

Good morning don't leave me hanging bump it

Goin through some thangs & don't nobody understand me

I'm loyal and no matter how many times my loyalty gets abused that'sone characteristic of mine that'll never change

How guys feel when they get their first white chick

I don't think people understand this you gotta be loyal during thetalking stage to prove

When you find yourself beating up the 3rd side chick this week and yourealize he might not be shit

I want a girlfriend but the way these chick set up they never reallyyours cause they entertain everybody

Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and notbeing afraid to demonstrate that affection

If you remember this your childhood was Awesome

Speed dating I die what do you do ?

Spoil him forget this so called new age shit if he's hungry feed himhouse a mess

The driver shotgun and back seat

The wiener dog bread with a pit bull has me rolling

When you finish doing your make up but you realize it looks terrible

Half golden half wiener dog

Who's your choice to protect your home and family

When you're drunk as hell and you wanna keep drinking but your friendswon't let you

E.T think he slick huh.... We kno that's you in wig son

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