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Saturday, June 13, 2015

There it is the I in team hidden in the A hole

Calls mates cunts calls random people Mate

Becomes a hilarious meme that nobody outside the metro area understand

Love the booty, respect the booty

I have to resign I was offered a better job

Forgot to turn my swag off before bed woke up covered in girls

Meanwhile in Colombia

How in the hell do you still have the ball


Hey I just met you and this is crazy but here's my number so call memaybe

If you recognize this face just know I know

Maintain eye contact c'mon just try it

Jew Jitsu because Tae Juan do is mainstream

Haters gonna hate

Then that Miley girl got up there and tweaked without any butt tocks

When somebody adds another plate to the sink while i'm washing thedishes

Can't find a job blames the government

I throw my telescope in the air sometimes

So listen uh I was wondering can I ha yo number

So listen uh I was wondering can I ha yo number

Mullets they get the girls

Name this skin color

When I hear about what I did while drunk

Let's see who's dumb get it wrong I'm unfollowing

If he can make this out of this he's been to jail

Forces you to listen to all her problems pissed off when you try tosolve them

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