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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Which one are you ?

No one is sleeping tonight because Orange is the new black season 3came out early

Females be like you still mess with what's her name

You chickens keep on clucking I'll keep throwing you the seeds

Tell me your birthday and I'll answer it

Nigga looking like fatrick Ewing caramel anthony sha'steal to mealDwayne weight

If you watch pretty woman backwards it's about a woman who's rich,asshole boyfriend forces her into prostitution

Mash old school do you remember

You're the only guy who is genuinely nice to me maybe we should give ita shot

30% of women killed are murdered by their boyfriends or husbands

If women ruled the world there would be no wars just a bunch ofcountries not talking to each other's

Sometime you gotta shut down all that fun and get that money rite getugly on these hoes and eat

It's hot outside but the jacket completes the outfit

I just want a nice guy continues dating ex that cheated

If you fall asleep and don't text your girl back by the the time youwake up she fought with you and apologized 5 times dumped

If you can take this position you a hoe

After the wedding Now I can get fat

The scar meme

Let them occupy Wall Street as long as they stay off Sesame Street

Calls you a nerd secretly likes nerds

She is African argument invalid

Florida resident hurricane traffic jams Giant insects yes it's worth it

Are you an exothermic reaction cause you're hot

You came to the wrong neighborhood punk boy

So fellas with a gap or without a gap

No cell phone no Facebook no computer access no wifi for 3 months for 3million can you do it

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