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Thursday, May 26, 2016

I would be out when ya bro and his girl are arguing and she says that'swhy I fucked ya friend and you're the only friend he got

A 9 year old kid apparently got caught selling these hot Cheetos and hot fries

Getting yourself together after he give you A1 dick

When you're the 1st in the squad to buy a car

Damn girl are you surprised to see me or is that just how you drew your eye brows on

Sometimes I want a girlfriend but then I see my homies sitting in their car like this and say nah

Shoutout to the people going through some shit but trying their hardest to be positive proud of you

A life long connection born temporary lust the innocent suffer when wego our separate ways broken homes seen to be the norm nowadays this notthe way I wanted it or imagine it

A woman that can sit home and not be in someone's club all the time is a keeper

When you and your friends gotta drag a hoe

When you recognize the voice that said you should get an abortion

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