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Monday, May 1, 2017

when you rolling a blunt at a party and you see niggas starting to swarm your way

dammit I'm Mad is dammit I'm mad spelled backwards

Spreading rumors about me well thats good I mean at least you learned to spread something other than your legs

when you realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side don't bring your stupid ass back into my yard

be picky with who you invest your time in wasted time is worse than wasted money

you bitches be watching the wrong people pages I don't fuck with yo nigga my friend do

this how you know you did something wrong

what the hell dough Boy stole From the store to get seven years

Martin Never did catch on to the fact bruh man Gina's side nigga

that moment you realized your milk has a Valentine's Day date and you don't

it's hard to believe some people because they

we live in a generation that is highly skilled at allowing connections to fade away because of social media

idgaf if you don't like me I bet you aint gonna do shi4t but

make him smile with your clothes on, makeup off, and true personality

when she asks did you f@@k her

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